Profit-Pie is a game that rewards its players for staying on the site and creating virtual apple pies. Thanks to our advertising partners, we can monetize the traffic and collect enough funds to guarantee rewards every day for our players.

Earning money in Profit-Pie is very easy. First, you need to get some apples, and you can obtain apples in 3 ways: 1) Collecting apples from your tree every hour, 2) Completing tasks from our advertising partners to earn a substantial amount of apples, 3) Inviting your friends will automatically earn you a percentage of the apples they earn. Once you have at least 24 apples, you can go to your baking room and bake an apple pie. Each pie takes 2 minutes to be baked. After that, go to your bakery and sell your pie instantly for real money. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.

You can withdraw your account balance by accessing the withdrawal section and selecting your preferred wallet. If the withdrawal method is instant, you must first set up your withdrawal method from your account settings. For security reasons, it is also necessary to confirm your email address.

Instant withdrawals are processed automatically and immediately. When withdrawals are made via direct cryptocurrency transfer, it may take a few hours to arrive, but withdrawals using wallets like FaucetPay and Payeer are processed within seconds. Manual withdrawals may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

The account balance is the money you have available for withdrawal, and the purchase balance is the money you have available for making in-game purchases. You can transfer your account balance (withdrawal funds) to your purchase balance, but you cannot transfer your purchase balance to your account balance, meaning the purchase balance cannot be withdrawn.

It is not necessary to be on the site while your tree produces apples. You can leave the website and come back every hour to collect the apples from your tree.

Your friends should register using your personal referral link so that the system can identify them as your invitees. Go to the referral section, copy your personal link, and send it to your friends (make sure not to spam). Each person who registers with your link will be your invited/referral, and you will earn rewards for the activity they perform on the site. You can also use the promotional material available in the referral section.

To increase the level of your tree and produce a greater number of apples each hour, you will need to use your purchase balance. Each level of the tree costs $0.50 and will produce +60 new apples every hour. For example, if your tree is level 1, it will produce 60 apples per hour; if it is level 2, it will produce 120 apples per hour, and if it is level 3, it will produce 180 apples per hour. You can increase your tree to as many levels as you want. It is not necessary to invest real money as you can use the money earned from selling apple pies.